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Tromsø Tango Meeting is a tango weekend organised in the capital of the Northern Lights - the only tango event in the world that gives you a chance to see Aurora Borealis and dance all in one weekend!


There are 3 elements to the event: Workshops, Milongas and Tours. You are welcome to join all parts or choose the ones that suit you best. We have space for about 15 couples on the Workshops and about 100 dancers on the Milongas.


     The Milongas will serve a night soup on Friday and Saturday, and otherwise coffee, fruit and snacks.


     The Workshops.......to be announced.



     The Tours have special festival prices, with about 30% discount to the regular price. Every tour will run with min 5 participants. The amount of discounted tour seats is limited (about 30 per day) so book your spots in time. We can furthermore arrange 15% discount on Northern Lights Tours, before or after the event.

Tromsø is a charming compact little city. The airport is 10min away from the city centre.

The Milongas and Workshops are organised by Tango Polar - the northernmost Argentine tango club in the world. The Tours are run by The Green Adventure - a local expert on chasing Aurora Borealis.


Tromsø Tango Meeting will strive for role balance, couple registrations will thus be prioritised. Female leaders and male followers are welcome to register as well as dual role dancers. 

We will play traditional music on all main milongas. Special 2 hour alternative afterparty is dedicated to alternative music lovers.


We shall follow milonguero codes of ronda and cabeceo.

Your registration will be complete with a completed payment and a confirmation from the organisers. Please, do not rush to buy your flight tickets before your registration is fully confirmed.