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Clemens Langer (Hannover, Germany)

Dag Stenvoll (Bergen, Norway)

Nikita Gerdt (Berlin, Germany)

Thea Rørvik (Oslo, Norway)

The role-balanced milongas (Fri-Sun) make for 21 hours of dancing
Fruit, snacks, tea, coffee and water will be available during all the milongas.

You can buy a dinner served in the building between the day and evening milonga on Saturday and Sunday (details in registration emails).



Friday 15.09

18:00-23:00 DJ Dag Stenvoll

23:00-01:300 DJ Silvia Lutter - Neo-tango

Saturday 16.09

13:00-16:00 Afternoon Milonga DJ Nikita Gerdt

18:00-23:00 Grand Milonga DJ Thea Rørvik

23:00-01:30 DJ Tine Stokmo - Neo-tango

Sunday 17.09

13:00-16:00 Au Revoir Milonga DJ Vegard Brun

18:00-23:00 Open free milonga DJ Clemens Langer

Monday 18.09

20:00 - 22:00 Local Milonga at Habibi

DJ Vegard Brun

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