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Patxi Marín (Alicante, Spain)

Pared de Piedra (Bergen, Norway)

Thea Rørvik (Oslo, Norway)

Diego Denett (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

The milongas (Fri-Sun) make for 20 hours of dancing:


Fruit, snacks, tea and coffee will be available during all the milongas. We will also serve soup around 10/11 pm during the evening milongas on Friday and Saturday.


Friday 18.10

20:00-01:00 Welcome Milonga DJ Pared de Piedra

01:00-03:00 Alternative Afterparty DJ Tine

Saturday 19.10

13:00-18:00 Afternoon Milonga DJ Thea

21:00-02:00 Grand Milonga DJ Patxi

Sunday 20.10

13:00-18:00 Au Revoir Milonga DJ Diego

Monday 21.10

19:30 - 23:00 Local Milonga