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How to see the Lights?

In 4 easy steps ;)


Plan a longer stay.

Come to Tromsø a few days before the Marathon, or stay a few days after the Marathon. Or both :)


Book a tour with our guides

We give you discounts for tours with one of the best guides in town!

Their seats sell out so book your tours before you arrive!


Go out and look up!

You may be lucky and see auroras either from a plane or even in the city centre. Remember to look up! And seek dark places /cover light sources with your hands when observing the Lights :)


Bring warm clothes :)

The Green Lady Aurora sometimes makes us wait a few hours...dress up for the weather. At night and in the mountains it may get close to 0 degrees Celcius.

If you take our guided tours, the guides will have thermal overall jackets, hot cocoa and campfires :)

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