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Price: 1100 NOK

Duration: 6-8 hours  (6pm -2am)

Number of participants: 5-16

The ultimate northern lights chase with experienced guides! We pick you up in Tromsø and drive away from city light pollution. We have experience with local weather and good contact network with other guides that helps us find clear sky - a prerequisite to see the Northern Lights.

When we find the right spot, we stop to make a campfire, and serve hot soup and bread, hot drinks and marshmallows.

The priority on the chase is given to finding clear sky, as only then can we see the northern lights when they appear. Next in priority is driving away from light pollution and finding scenic spots. Every tour is different and even that we do have our favourite locations, ultimately the sky decides where we need to drive. Sometimes we must drive long distances (150km one way) and sometimes to wild nature areas (read: limited or none access to bathrooms).

We help you with your camera settings and also take professional pictures for you - we send them by email. After the tour we drive you back home.

P.S. We drive into Finland if necessary so remember your passport!

Included: Guide, transport, snowsuits (please provide your size), soup and bread, hot drinks, campfire, reflective vest, tripod, pictures from the tour by email, drop-off at your hotel on Tromsø Island (+Tromsø Camping)



Price: 900 NOK

Duration: 6 hours (10am - 4pm)

Number of participants: 5-16

This scenic drive will take you to fishing villages and wild nature areas on Kvaløya Island, along the fjords, and further to an open sea view. You will also get a taste of local food traditions.

On this roadtrip you can experience the spectacular scenery along the Arctic coast. We drive along fjords where the mountains meet the sea. We stop at several great places where you get the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of untouched nature as a backdrop. Or maybe you just simply want to enjoy the moment. Your guide will also take pictures along the way and share them with you afterwards. 

During the trip we have a chance to spot local wildlife. Reindeer, moose, otters, eagles and other birds can be seen all year round. 

We stop for a small picnic of Norwegian snacks and something warm to drink along the way and the tour will end with a delicious local meal in the picturesque village of Ersfjordbotn, before we drive you back to your hotel in Tromsø.

Included: Guide, transport, hot drinks and cookies, Norwegian snacks*, warm lunch**, pictures from the tour

*Stockfish, fish roe, brown cheese, wasa bread (or similar)

** a fish or vegetable soup