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Welcome to tango workshops with NIKITA GERDT

 Nikita is a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer for Tango Argentino. He became a multiple champion in Tango Argentino - in Germany and the UK, where he won the Europe-wide official Tango Argentino competition in 2015 and 2016. Since 2014 he has been teaching tango in Berlin and has participated in various artistic projects as a dancer. 

Watch him dance on 030:
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Friday 15.09

16:00- 17:00 Workshop A - Milonga. Characteristic Milonga Steps with Assymetrical Patterns and Rhytmes

17:00-18:00 Workshop B - Caminatas. Compact Steps to Diversify and Enrich Your Dancing in Small Space (Repiques, Cadencias, Vaivenes)

Saturday 16.09

11:30 -13:00 Workshop C - Caminatas. Steps to Keep Movement Flow and Advance in the Ronda.

Sunday 17.09

11:30 -13:00 Workshop D - Using Inertia and Body Weight of Partner in Giros. Steps of Nestor Ray.

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