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Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is a natural phenomenon that attracts thousands of tourists to Tromsø every year. It can be seen here between September and March. Its strength and duration varies every time and depends on solar activity (solar winds). It can last minutes or hours. Its light can be as soft as fog or stronger than a full moon. It can dance in one spot or cover the whole sky. It can be white-green or explode in pinks, reds and violets.


Northern lights can only be visible on a clear, dark sky and thus we must often "chase" it - that is we must drive to areas where clear sky is to be expected, as well as drive away from light pollution. If you get lucky you may see it from a plane flying in or out of Tromsø, walking to and from our milongas or maybe even during the milongas just outside the building! However, if the sky is cloudy we recommend taking a tour with experienced local chasers.

Finding the Northern Lights may be tricky, and sometimes you need to try several times. We recommend a longer stay, either a few days before or after the event - to maximise your chances of success!

Northern Lights chasing tours are by far the most popular tourist attraction in Tromsø. We hope that this tango event will serve as an extra motivation to visit Norway and try to see the magic of Aurora Borealis for yourself :)


For pictures of the Northern Lights please see the tour gallery of our local expert chasers:

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