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69 degrees North, above the Norwegian Arctic Circle, in the city of Tromsø - the Gateway to the Arctic, with a population of about 75.000 people




is BUL Huset with spacious wooden parquet floor. It is located in the very city centre and a walking distance to most hotels in Tromsø. The closest hotel (same building) is Quality Hotel Saga.



Tromsø airport is located on Tromsø Island, just 10min drive/bus ride from the city centre and the festival venue. Most international connections have a stopover in Oslo.

Find your connection here with Norwegian or here with Scandinavian Airlines 

A flight from Oslo takes almost 2 hours, a flight from London about 3,5 hours.







We have special prices for Clarion Hotel Saga, which is the same building as the festival venue, and for Smarthotel Tromsø.


Please write to tromsotango@gmail.com to receive the booking codes for the special prices.

Clarion Hotel Saga (1 min walk from the venue)

795,- NOK per night for a single room with breakfast

995,- NOK per night for a double room with breakfast

Smarthotel Tromsø (7 min walk from the venue)

515,- NOK per night for a Smart miniroom (6 quare meters) with breakfast

625,- NOK per night for a single room with breakfast

725,- NOK per night for a double room with breakfast 

We are working on an offer for a hostel accommodation too - coming soon!



Tromsø has a very mild climate compared to other locations so far North. May is one of the driest months in a year. The temperatures will most likely stay above zero, in 2016 the day average was 7.7 degrees Celcius, and the temperature ranged from 1.2 to 21.7 degrees Celcius (Source: www.yr.no)

In the summertime the Sun does not set here from 19 May to 27 July. So during the festival there will be no night and the Sun will stay above the horizon for 24 hours a day. We call it the Midnight Sun...

The Midnight Sun above the Tromsø Island

The Midnight Sun - how bright is it at Midnight?

Tromsø Island - a bird view

Tromsø - the capital of the Arctic